Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Killing Time

I didn't come up with that name for it myself. I saw it written in on the department calendar near the faculty mailboxes. Anyway, it's here. And that means it is 7:38 am on a Sunday morning and I am up, showered and dressed already. Weird. There's laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping to be done, so I guess it will get done early and then I will probably go back to trying to catch up on a sweater I'm knitting. I was about to finish the last shoulder piece yesterday afternoon, while the storm was raging around outside, and came to the horrible realization that I had made a fatal flaw in the sweater back down at the start of the armhole shaping. I thought about trying to work around it and then I realized I'd rather have a sweater I actually have a reasonable chance of wearing rather than something misshapen and relegated to the back of the drawer, but finished sooner than doing it right. So, I ripped it all out, both front and back, down to the beginning of the armholes and this time I did it correctly. I hope I at least still like the sweater when I'm finished making it.


Heidi said...

right now my daughter is wearing my 1st attempt at a sweater. it looks like hell, but it keeps her warm. fortunately for me, she's too little to know any better. ha.

Pam said...

Oooh. Are you going to post a photo?
Congrats on finishing it. She'll be warm and cute in her Mom-made sweater and will never know if it looks a little funny.
I still have half a sweater I started making for my daughter when she was 2. She's 11 now...