Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wicked Awesome Weekend

Well, that was such a great weekend that it lasted until Wednesday morning!
On Saturday me, my girl and my awesome boyfriend went and flew pirate kites at Wagon Hill. There was a nice steady breeze blowing up on the hill and the kites really took off. We brought the dog with us and he had a blast too. After we dropped the panting pup off at home we went to Calef's in Barrington, stopped at the Dairy Bar in Durham and then a little later on went to Hot Dog Heaven in South Berwick. (yeah, there goes the Weight Watchers...)
On Sunday afternoon my dad and step mom had the family over for a barbecue, which was actually Weight Watcher friendly since I'm back on WW with Dad. (and driving those who deal with me on a daily basis crazy because of it, but I'll save that for another post.)
On Monday the three of us went hiking near Squam Lake on Mounts Morgan and Percival. It was my girl's first ever hike and she loved it. I was so proud of her. We're definitely doing more of that. I even went down through the cave and ladders on Mt Morgan. It was awesome.
In the evening we hooked up with my sister and her family and went to Portsmouth for the fireworks. That was ok even though I was tired and could hardly walk because my left knee was all locked up. It seemed like the same show as last year and the traffic to get out of town was truly sucky. But I sure slept good that night.
On Tuesday me and the girl hung out at home and relaxed for most of the day and then wonderful boyfriend came over later and we all went to my sis's house for a barbecue and to watch the Dover fireworks from her driveway. Mom came and joined us, which was great since I hadn't seen her in a little while. The food was awesome, as it always is when my bro-n-law is running the kitchen and the grill. The fireworks were really nice too. I think Dover shoots off better fireworks than Portsmouth.
Today it was back to the regular routine and to work, Even that was ok after such a great weekend.

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