Monday, July 31, 2006

All We Need is a Little Patience

I don't blog with nearly the frequency that I used to, but I think that is because now I spend more of my time living my life and not so much time sitting around waiting for things to change. There are still plenty of things I'm waiting for, like my divorce decree and my cut of the house, but really those are minor things in the day to day of living.
This summer has already had so many opportunities for my wonderful boyfriend, my spectacular girl and me to spend time together doing all kinds of fun things like hike, go to the King Arthur Festival, listen and sing along to sea shanties (yes, really), watch movies, hack limbs, swim at the pond, play with the dog, eat ice cream, go to country stores and just hang out and enjoy each other's company. It took a long time for this to happen and I think that lets me appreciate it all the more. At the risk of being really goopy, I think so much has happened and so many things have changed in me over these past few years that I've become able to stop looking at my life as a series of obstacles and impediments and rather than just feeling guilty about sometimes having the need to receive, I can see how much I have to share and to give too.


Bob said...

I almost bought the bunny rabbit...

Glad to hear that things are going well for you, Pam!

Chosen said...

I received the large size rabbit for Christmas. I brought it to work and one of my coworkers immediately had to order the Holy Hand Grenade to protect himself.