Wednesday, July 26, 2006


WTF? It's 1 am and I just finished taking my criminal law midterm exam online. I'm glad there's less than a month left until I finish this whole program because I feel like my head's going to explode after being asked to explain why we allow alcohol to be sold and consumed but not "narcotics" like opiates, cocaine and marijuana. Pot is not a narcotic. It's a plant. Stop lumping it in with crack and oxycontin. And god please stop those people in the class whose whole point of debate on the issue is that it's bad because it's illegal and therefore it is bad. These are the same folks who argue that it's ok for the governmnet to wiretap our phone calls if they say they need to because if they say they need to, then they must be justified. Sheep. baaah baaah.
I hate people sometimes. I really hate stupid people with no capacity for analytical thought. I hate staying up until 1 to write an exam I don't even care about. (and yet I do care because little miss super student inside me wants to maintain the cumulative 3.67 GPA I've got now that no one in the world will ever ever see or care about other than me.)
I hate how arrogant I get about school. I knew there was a reason why I said no more after I finished my masters. Why didn't I listen?
Three more weeks and I'm done. Then I have to move off my ass and go out and sell my newly certified skills. Joy.

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Pam said...

I got the grade back for the midterm. I got 29.7/30. That's 99%.

Okay, yes, very nice. But I could have worked on it for 2 hours, gotten a B and that would have been just fine too, wouldn't it?

No, it wouldn't. When it comes to school work I am an obsessive perfectionist. That's why I need to stop going to school. Twelve more days!!!!!