Friday, April 29, 2005

Working Girl

This has been quite a working week. In addition to my usual class schedule and momming about, I worked about 15 hours in the office at my uncle's store. Right now there's no set schedule to when I work, but at least it's hours and it's fun hanging out and working with my uncle. My sister also works for him sometimes and at points all three of us were in the office working together. We got a lot accomplished but we all got such a kick out of it that it hardly seemed like work at all.
It's a little surreal (and kind of a grind) to go straight from college teacher to file clerk in the span of a 12 mile drive, but it's nice to get down to Portsmouth even if all I really see is the big parking lot and the inside of the store. I like knowing that I'm in the store with my uncle and my dad and sister are across the parking lot working at my dad's office. It kind of makes me feel like Portsmouth is still my town and it's nice being even a small part of a family business.
There's still a ton of uncertainty about how I'm going to go about earning my living from here on out, but maybe just for now, just for the next month or so, I can be happy knowing that I've got it under control, at least for now.

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