Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spring Cleaning

I was doing a little spring cleaning of the iBook the other day, going back and deleting old mail that I know I no longer need. I tend to hold on to a lot of my mail because what if it was a mail from someone I really care about and they died or something? At least then I'd have their old mail to read. Also, I tend to forget a lot of things and going back and re-reading old mail reminds me of what was going on at the time.
I've had the iBook for a little over two years now. I managed to trade in my old and seriously ailing, previous iBook for about $700 before I left Japan by feigning ignorance when the guy at Sofmap in Kyoto asked if I knew about a strange, whirring noise the machine made. Of course, the damn thing had totally died on me and then miraculously resurrected a week or so prior to trading it in. I figured out that when it was cold, it would boot up and run okay for about 30 minutes. So I played the part of computer ignorant girl and the old iBook behaved long enough that I got some cash for it.
Anyway, as I was looking back through the sent mail folder I found things I had sent to the then current spouse that were written in Japanese. What struck me about them was that the way I used the language seems really masculine to me now. At first I thought they were mails I had received because they read like a guy had written then. Now I'm wondering about some things, but mostly about how maybe a person can seem very different in different lanugages. I wonder if it's common for people to appear to have different personalities when they shift between cultures or if it was just me doing that Zelig thing I sometimes do.


Anonymous said...

Almost everyone that I know appears to have a different personality when they speak in Japanese as opposed to English. I hear that said about me all the time. My Japanese friends are usually very shocked the first time that they here me speak in Englsih and usually say things like, "In Japanese you are so polite, but in English..." and so I have come to accept this as a given. I am usually struck now only when I meet people that seem ostensibly the same in either language.


Pam said...

Yeah, I was told I was "cuter" when I spoke Japanese. :p
People everywhere must be suckers for foreign accents.