Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Everybody's Doing It

Today one of my students mentioned she had learned of what I did with another class by reading it on her friend's website. Then that student and another in the class said they also write online. They didn't use the B word. They're all kind of anime freaks so I wouldn't count out Livejournal or some other kind of community of bloggers. I was dying to ask for the urls because it would be interesting to see what they have to say. And at the same time, there's no way I would announce to them that I blog. If they happen to stumble across it, that's fine though.


Teacher Boy said...

That's too funny! I would be interested, too! Maybe you could do some casual "snooping".
I'm a teacher, too, but my students are third graders. I'd be thrilled if they wrote about me, or anything at all, in their free time. But I don't think they do.
I'd love to tell them my blog url, but I'm afraid most of them don't have computers at home, and many of their parents can't read English.

It sounds like your students are a bit older. It would be fasinating to see what they are blogging about! The curiosity must be killing you! What about setting up a class blog, or setting a blog up for you and any students interested (you could make them sign up in class, then only send blog invites to join you to those that do). It could be very, very interesting to see what they write!

Angel said...

As interesting as it might seem to see their ljs or whatever they use, I can tell you that they are probably not even writing about school. I am sure they are contributing a daily amount of drama along with things so disgusting that you wouldn't want to read it. That is just my opinion though.