Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Sealed My Fate?

I met with my boss today at UNH and told him I would like to stay and continue to teach whatever Japanese classes they have, for at least for next year and preferably beyond that into the foreseeable future. Forseeable future in my case generally means 3 to 4 years, but in this case I'm shooting for at least 5. I figure if I can stay here five or ten years and build a decent, 3-year undergrad program that'll probably give me enough serious experience to go back and get a job teaching Japanese in Hawaii again someday. Or retracing my steps back out to Colorado again might be fine too.
My boss said he was happy I was staying. That's good. Me too. There's a lot of the mixed up, stupid stuff that seems inherent to any large organization, same as everywhere else I've been, but I like the people I work with. Like the job, like the people and a 15 minute commute. Don't think I've got any other options that beat that.

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