Saturday, February 28, 2004

It's Down to the Wire

I used to think Saturday mornings were for sleeping in and taking it slow, but since October Saturdays mornings have meant going to Weight Watchers. I'll admit it's not the easiest thing to do when it's cold and wet outside, but on a fine spring morning like this one, it's not half bad. Lost 2.2 pounds this week, despite a fairly severe pizza incident and an ugly run in with a large bag of baked potato chips. I did some yoga and walked longer than usual and have had some weird deep sinus thing going on that makes me slightly more vertiginous than normal and, as a result, not very hungry. Anyway, that brings me down under my best fighting weight (though not nearly as buff) and to just 2 more pounds to goal. My new years resolution was to reach goal by my birthday. The birthday is Thursday and the next weigh in is Saturday. This should be do-able.
It's really only just 15 pounds total but it's a big deal to me and my family because food has been quite an issue in many ways. I was always "the fat one" and now I'm not. I also do think about things I read and realize at my age I better start taking care of myself for the long haul, because I plan on being around for it.

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