Sunday, February 29, 2004

Girls Night Out for A Cause

Volunteered at the Take Back the Air Fest to benefit Portsmouth Community Radio and New Heights last night. Stef and I were the ticket sellers at the door for most of the night. I had to abandon my post for a while right off the bat because Shuttle Cock was the first band on and I had to go stand right up front (well, behind some high school girls) and gaze upon them. Guess I'll just say I'm a big fan and leave it at that.
There were six bands on the bill and I saw half of them-- Shuttle Cock, Captain Bluebird (good and adorable!) and Satan's Teardrops. I've heard a lot about Satan's Teardrops and they totally lived up to the hype. Very very cool.
Dan Blakeslee was the emcee. He's so awesome. I forgot to tell him his Halloween cd scared my dog into a barking frenzy. We got free t-shirts for volunteering, got to talk to people I've known and not seen decades and meet new ones as well. Actually spoke to Bruce Pingree but I couldn't fess up to being the former underage regular at the Riverside Club who wrote about him in her blog. That's all right.
Since we were also handing out raffle tickets at our table we were the repository for all the cds, shirts and assorted goodies the bands donated for the raffle. This put me in the fortunate position of being able to buy a Shuttle Cock shirt direct from Cam when he came over to drop one off for the raffle. My very own Shuttle Cock shirt! I'm so very psyched.

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