Saturday, February 21, 2004

My Life is iLife

GarageBand is very good. Very very good for a rainy gray weekend. A little scary in its implications, but it's pretty fucking brilliant. I mean, if you can make stuff that sounds this good just by throwing loops together, why should you bother to actually learn to play an instrument? It's kind of freaky that way.
Actually, I will need to get a couple of adapters to connect guitars and a keyboard to the iBook, but I have the guitars and keyboard at my disposal, so that's good. I have already wreaked havoc on a couple of Bolt tunes by adding horns and cheesy synth sounds. Stef hasn't heard them yet but they've gotten a good reception around here.
I haven't done much poking around the web yet because I'm too busy playing with the program, but seems a likely place for obsessives to gather. I smell a revolution coming on.

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