Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrong Number

I got a call this evening from the "RNC" inviting me to get tickets for Sarah Palin's appearance at Dover High School this coming Wednesday. I couldn't even tell if it was a recording or an actual person on the line because they didn't ever stop to interact with me.
I worked the phones when Obama came to town last month and we talked to people to invite them to the event. We didn't just read the script at them, we got their names for the guest list and interacted, answered questions, etc.
Anyway, recording or not, after the young man's voice told me to visit the website for tickets I said "no thanks" and hung up the phone. I hope no one shows or that they get a lot of protesters showing up. I'd love to go just to photograph and video the crowd, but I have to work that morning. If anyone is free from 9-11 am Wednesday the 15th in Dover NH, I suggest you go check out the scene at the high school.
There is school that day. I wonder how all of that is going to work.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother -- there will be 8,000 people there and you won't be able to get in.

Also if you want to see how dumb Obama voters really are, just watch this video of them being asked a few simple questions:

'Howard Stern Show' Quizzes Obama Supporters in Harlem on Candidate Policies

How sad for our country that you people vote.

Pam said...

"You people?"
Be careful. Your white robe and pointed hood are showing.
Is Howard Stern your idea of hard hitting news media?
How brave of you to hide in anonymity.
You're a goon.