Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palin Comes to Town

I tried to leave the house a little early today because I figured Mrs. Palin's impending visit to our local high school this morning was going to make traffic a nightmare. Doors to the event open at 9 and we're usually in the area about 90 minutes before that. Of course, we ended up leaving at our regular time and traffic was normal to light for that time of day. There were a few McCain/Palin lawn signs stuck in the median and other public properties along the road leading up to the school. One of those signs was placed to block part of a very large (6 feet tall?) stark sign that read, "Inferring that Obama is a terrorist is racist and un-Christian." I liked that.
The house across the street from the entrance to the high school had a McSame/Sara Bush sign on the lawn. Aside from the signs and saw horses set up to proclaim there will be no parking along roads people usually don't park along anyway, there didn't seem to be much going on other than kids going to school.


Mychawd said...

Nice, you took a picture of it!!

Pam said...

Good thing I did it yesterday because it was gone this morning.
I figure all the visuals of this election cycle are like the foliage. They'll be gone in a few weeks so I might as well take pictures while I can.