Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Year That Was

With it being the end of the year and all I figured it was time to take stock of what I accomplished this year and put down some goals for next year. I realize this is probably less than entertaining for you all, but if my main reason for keeping this blog was to be entertaining I'd have to be working a lot harder at it than I do. So there.

Big Things That Happened in 2007
  • My divorce was finally finalized
  • We moved into our house
  • I got a "real" job, meaning I basically kept the same job but now with more money and benefits. (Who says hanging on for 4 years without any promise of advancement isn't a real career strategy?)
  • Met my freelance translation earnings goals for the year, which was about double what I earned last year.
  • Joined a Knitter's group and now have much more inspiration to feed my knitting obession!
  • Stayed a fairly acceptable weight despite quitting WW. I could only go so long calculating the damn Points Value of everything.
  • We went on a real family vacation in the summer and it was a blast.
  • I went on a "girls only" overnight with my girl. Should definitely repeat that in 2008.
  • Ate good sushi in Boston with my sis. Is this the end of my cityphobia?
  • Traded in my old car for one that seems nearly new and also has 4 wheel drive.
  • Had a lot of fun at work.
  • Hiked another 4,000 footer.
  • Had my therapist set me loose after determining that I'm really not struggling with too much any more. I agreed, but it was like taking off the training wheels.

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