Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unbelievable Idiocy, Cruelty and Cowardice

I read about a 47 year old women who posed as a 16 year old boy to "mess with" a 13 year old girl who lived down the street on some blogs yesterday and today the story is running in the New York Times. The woman created an online personality on MySpace as a 16 year old boy and had her own daughter and the daughter's friends in on the "joke". The online boy became the girl's cyber boyfriend and then broke up with her harshly online. The girl was so distraught by the whole thing that she hung herself in her closet. Overreacting to MySpace nonsense? Yes, of course. But that's what 13 year olds do. They overreact to teenage drama. What I want to know is why a grown woman was so interested in involving herself in that. What makes it even worse is this woman knew the girl had psychological issues (and at 13 who doesn't, really?) and claims she doesn't feel guilty because she heard the girl had tried to kill herself before. (Something that was refuted by the girl's parents.)
I find it crazy that a court could find JT LeRoy guilty of fraud for writing under a pseudonym, but no criminal legal action can be taken against this psycho-mother who apparently got her kicks by tormenting a child while hiding behind a facade on MySpace. I hope the girl's parents sue the shit out of that stupid woman in civil court.


Heidi said...

i can't bring myself to read the article....what you wrote here is enough. the stupidity of it all renders me almost speechless. what kind of daughter is she raising??? her daughter's one had a conscience in all of this? my kneejerk reaction is....'how do the dead girl's parents stop themselves from lynching that stupid stupid woman?' if anyone ever took my girl away from me, that would be it for them.

Joel said...

A truly amazing story that just begs for justice. I've been told that this is a violation of the Telecommunications Act, but so far the Feds have shown no interest.