Monday, November 26, 2007

Keeping In Touch

Yesterday I met up and had a few beers with a couple of former students. We've kept in touch on Facebook and they both live in the area. They've met up for beers before and suggested I join them the next time they got together. It felt kind of weird when I thought about it too much, but not so much once we were there hanging out. I mean, I've certainly spent my fair share of time in bars enjoying good beer and conversation and this really was no different. It's stupid that I can get so hung up on age differences when I never thought it made much of a difference when I was younger.
I won't go out and socialize with students who are still taking my classes, but once they're of legal age and no longer my students I think it's okay. I really do enjoy my students and I get to know the ones who take classes with me for two or three years pretty well. I realize they're going to move on with their lives and go out into the world, but I love it when they keep in touch and let me know how things are going. It's great when they send emails or keep in touch on Facebook, but it's even better to go hang out and have a few beers together.

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