Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Trash Neighbor Trash

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Last night, when I took my dog out into the yard to do his business, something down below the deck caught my eye. On closer inspection today it appears that the downstairs neighbor decided to get rid of an empty Stoli bottle by pushing it out the screen of her bedroom window. How classy.
Moving day is in less than two weeks. And not a moment too soon.


CNT in Victoria said...

If it makes you feel any better, we live in exactly the same situation. We share a house, and the downstairs tenants are somewhat less than desirable neighbors. They were annoyed at us about something, and decided to block our car into our driveway. We nearly came to blows. I called the police...multiple times.

Another time, we passed their car on the road. They honked the horn a bunch of times at us.

When I complained to the landlord, the downstairs tenant said they didn't know how to use the horn on their car and meant to be friendly.

They routinely bang a broomstick on the floor because I'm typing too loudly. And they have drunken fights at three am on a weeknight.

There are many more things...

But we too are moving! Yay!

Pam said...

Yay for moving, for sure.
Aside from the trashy neighbor, this has been a really good place for me and my girl to live. Her best friend is right across the street and it's basically a nice neighborhood of small single family homes where it's possible to let your kids go out and play. It sucks to have to worry about this one stupid idiot.

They said didn't know how to use the car horn? How could you be that stupid and get a license to begin with?