Saturday, March 31, 2007

She Works Hard for the Money

In some sort of fit of insanity I accepted way too much translation work to do over the weekend. There is ginourmous litigation going on with a big Japanese corporation and there are thousands and thousands of pages that need to be translated in conjuction with it. I've had so many agencies offering me so many piece of the job that I finally bit.
This is my first experience working in the office of our new house. The office is nice. I have an eye level view of the street and the light hits the room nicely in the late afternoon and early evening, which encourages me to keep on working until night falls.
The sheer volume of the work I was foolish enough to accept (and let's just not mention the entire day I wasted yesterday working 10 hours on a part of the document I didn't need to translate. *sob*) has motivated me to try out a few new tools. Specifically, I got some OCR (optical character reader) software and some translation memory software (Wordfast), and while I don't really know how to use either one skillfully, I am already seeing a bit boost in efficiency. I imagine it will be even better once I actually learn the right way to use the tools.

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