Friday, March 09, 2007

Misery loves company?

Misery loves company?
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Please excuse the blurry photo. I think, in a way, the blurry nature sort of lends itself to the subject matter of my trashy neighbor who has now decided the dirt outside her bedroom window is a perfect place to both dispose of and store her vodka.
It disturb me that this woman drives a large pickup truck through this neighborhood, where my child and my neighbors' children play.


Heidi said...

wtf? there are so many things wrong with this. it forebodes of disaster. thankfully you are moving soon.

YouWho said...

Start dumping your own trash there, especially smelly trash.

Pam said...

It does forebode of disaster, doesn't it? I started thinking about the possible ramifications of not saying anything about it and realized that was not an option, so I told my landlord about it. (which wasn't so bad since she's a friend.) She is also horrified and is going to talk to the bad neighbor tomorrow.
One more week until moving day. I just hope it all passes without incident.