Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is This It?

According to the official date of the last paper issued by the court, today should be the day my divorce becomes final. (Our divorce? hmm, somehow that sounds funny since a divorce is all about the rendering apart and nothing "our" about it at all.) If no other appeals or motions have been filed then today should be the day. I probably won't receive any notification about it for another several weeks, if the pacing of prior events is anything to go on.
It's been nearly three years since I left him and many more than that since I realized I needed to leave. The trial was eight months ago. The preliminary hearing was about a year before that. It has been so long and dragged out that I'm not sure if this piece of paper is going to make me feel any different. But maybe I'll feel a slightly richer taste of freedom. I moved on so long ago in my heart and mind, now I guess the rest of me is free to follow.


Hand said...

Still it does, as the news is official, call for an official glass of champagne...doesn't it? :-)

Pam said...

You are absolutely right.