Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day, Sick Day

Today is the first day of this winter that has been officially declared a snow day. My classes are cancelled. My girl's school is cancelled. And my girl is sick. As a kid, I can't think of much worse than being sick on a snow day.
She came and got me up sometime during the night (2-ish? 3-ish?) and told me she wasn't feeling very good. She climbed into my bed and we both slept fitfully for a while, but then I got up to see about school cancellations and she got up and got sick in the bathroom. I tried to sleep after that but wasn't able. She's napping in her room now. I'm (procrastinating on)working on a translation job in my bathrobe at the kitchen table.
I hate when she gets sick on the days she changes houses. I always want to make excuses to keep her with me. From everything I've read, I know that it's very important for a child to spend a lot of time with both her parents even after they have split up. But on days like this I kind of wish I had been more of a bitch at the start and fought to have her be mostly with me.
Today's mantra-- Taking the high road pays off in the end. Take the high road.

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