Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a Weekend

Saturday night I went out with my sister. We were supposed to go see our buddies in Geezerteen play at the Press Room, but it wasn't to be. Sis told me there was a party in Dover with some of the people she volunteers with working with the police horses. She asked if I'd mind if we stopped by. I said "no problem", figuring we'd get there around 8 and leave around 9:30.
It never happened. The party happened, but the journey to Portsmouth never did. I met some very nice people at the party and there was plenty of good food and drink there. Around 9:30 I started to notice it looked like we weren't moving along to our next destination. By 10 I was thinking it wasn't likely we'd be making it there. By 11 I was all set and ready to go home. By 11:30 almost everyone else had left the party and I finally convinced sis it was time to go home.
The next morning I was at the pool by 7am for my girl's big swim meet. I showed up that early because I thought I had to be there to work the concession stand. When I went to check they told me the work assignment was from 11am to the end of the meet. If I hadn't had been so sleep deprived and vaguely hung over I would have gone home to sleep for a few hours. Instead I parked my chair on the sunny hill and read the Sunday paper and kind of nodded out for a while. My girl's first event was right around 11. I watched her swim and do an excellent job-- winning her heat and besting her previous time by six seconds. I went to the concession stand after that and saw someone setting my ex up behind the grill. Since only one family member has to volunteer per meet I left it to him. Of course, he could have communicated to me earlier that he would work the concession stand, but since he doesn't talk to me at all, naturally he didn't. Anyway, I moved my chair under the trees and watched my girl swim several more great events. Then when she was done I was able to head home and nap for a little while mid-afternoon.
Later in the afternoon me, the wonderful boyfriend and the girl went to Portsmouth to see the The Eagle, a tall ship that was visiting Portsmouth. It was an hour-long wait to get on the ship, but I think it was worth it. After that, we went out to dinner at the Muddy River.
Another whirlwind weekend. I love it.

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