Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to School

School started two days ago. For all the bitching and moaning I did before it started, it's good to be back up in front of the classroom again. The only problem is I need about 90 minutes of class time to get through everything I want to cover in the 50 allotted minutes. Well, that and the fact that my classrooms are packed solid full of bodies without a seat to spare. I don't need one. I rarely sit when I'm teaching anyway.
The Friday before classes started I got an email from my new office mate asking if I would mind if she brought her brand-new baby to the office with her. The only problem with that isn't really my problem at all; the office has, over time, become something of a storage closet for end-of-life computer equipment scavenged from around campus. Recently the maintenance staff seemed to think it also looked like a good place to store mopping equipment. It doesn't strike me as a very baby-friendly environment, so I took the opportunity to let the folks who own all the stuff know they might want to clear it out of the way if they want to be welcoming to this new faculty member. The mopping stuff got picked up today anyway. Actually, I haven't seen my office mate's baby at all, although the office mate did stop by this morning to introduce herself and say hi. She seemed a little confused as to exactly who I was and what I was doing in that office when she walked in the door. I introduced myself. I think she looked disappointed that I'm not Asian. Oh well. You don't need to look the part to know the language.

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