Thursday, August 17, 2006


My final paralegal certificate courses ended two days ago. I checked my grades and see I got a 95% for the microcomputing applications course and a 91.45% in the criminal law class. Okay. So after a ten year break I returned to school and still had my (nearly) perfectionist streak intact.
I will not become a paralegal. The point of the whole endeavor was to educate myself in legalese so I can make that a translation specialty. If it works out, wonderful. Either way, it has been good to learn more about how the law works.
Theoretically this should free up several hours in my week that were previously spent on homework, exams and fun stuff like that. So far the time has been filled with some paying translation work. (yay!) It's got nothing to do with legal subjects, more corporate eco-speak stuff. Anyway, it's work and they pay me for it.

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