Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sting Me

Yesterday morning, as I was about to take my girl and a couple of her cohorts to the library on the first full day of summer vacation, I ran up onto the back porch to grab a bottle of water from the cooler that is out there due to the barbecue we had here on Father's Day. On my way back down the stairs I felt a searing pain at the base omy my achilles tendon on my right leg. It felt like it was literally burning, but when I looked there was nothing there. I ouched myself back over to the car and looked down to see a big red dot on the back of my leg. One of the wasps or hornets or whatever those damn stupd flying stingbots are had stung me.
My leg swelled up around the sting and it hurt for a while, but not enough to stop us from going on with our plans. Now it's over 24 hours later and now the inside of my right ankle is red, swollen, warm and itchy. WebMD says it should go away in a week at the latest.


Chosen said...

The hornet's nest under the stairs has been destroyed and the hornets are dead. The deck is safe for women and children once again.

Bob said...

Next time you should cut the area with a knife and have someone suck they poison out of it...OR put on somy hydrocortison... ;)

Pam said...

Thanks for advice, Bob, but I'll pass on the Daniel Boone method of dealing with it.
Actually, I did put hydrocortisone on it and shortly after that is when it started to swell up and itch really bad.
When I went to work with my uncle yesterday I told him about it and showed him and he made me go to the pharmacy and get some Benadryl. He told me my dad almost died from anaphylacic shock when they were kids after getting stung by yellow jackets.
Between Chosen and my uncle I guess I'm pretty well looked after. :)