Sunday, June 04, 2006

Scenes of a Lost Civilization

Yesterday an old friend came up to visit and brought my old super 8 projector and all the rolls of film we shot in college in our filmmaking classes. I spent last night watching some of them. Some of them have sound tracks, but most don't. Most of them are really pretty bad if not downright embarrassing. Especially the ones a girl friend and I made together composed of a lot of slow closeups of us drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and wearing hats.
When J called me to tell me he had unearthed the films and projector in the flow of our conversation he remarked that he can't even connect anymore to who he was then. I wasn't really sure what he meant because I thought I still could. Now that I've seen some of my "work" I agree to some extent. Did I really think that was anything approaching art or even plain old entertainment? It's only entertaining in retrospect to see how young we all were and how what we thought was so cool was really so silly.

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