Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chipmunk Attack

The dog and I were out for a walk this morning. It was already about 9:30 and past being the cool part of the day, but it's so nice to see the sun after all the rain we've had lately. We made it safely past the house where the big German Shepard lives without incident. Well, we always make it by the house, but she hadn't come running out barking her big deep bark, scaring my not-so-brave pup into running fast, wide circles around me. His ability to run away quickly is really about his only superior skill.
Anyway, we were past that house and around a corner when a chipmunk ran close by the dog and then stopped. The dog decided to go after it, since it was small and close. The chipmunk started to run off toward a tree in a yard and then apparently thought I was a closer tall object on which to climb to safety, so it changed direction and came running past the dog and straight at my foot. I let out a loud and pathetic "EEK!" and hopped away, trying not to step on the stupid little rodent. Then it ran past me, looped back and ran by me again before scampering off across someone's lawn. I think at that point the dog had stopped trying to catch the chipmunk and just watched the whole incident. I took a minute to get over my adrenalin spike in fear of the little critter. (What if it was rabid!?) We turned another corner and my dog fled to the end of his leash in terror to avoid the wrath of a fluffy yellow pomeranian that came charging at full yap, offended that my buddy had dared walk past its driveway.


YouWho said...

They're dangerous! I saved one from my cat as a kid. As a thanks it bit me on the hand and then took the shortest route to a tree -- my arm, shoulder, head, tree.

Pam said...

So my EEK! was well founded. I was afraid it would bite me. Now you've confirmed it can happen.