Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh Well

Sometimes despite my best intentions life turns into an O. Henry story. Then again, "despite best intentions" tends to be what a lot of those plot twists are about. I just get so busy thinking about other things that I forget to pay attention to what's sitting right in front of my face.


Pam said...

Caution-- If you have a low tolerance for acts of mushy niceness, read no further.
My O. Henry situation was that i had some free hours Friday afternoon and my boyfriend had jokingly said to me that since I have so much free time I could always go clean his place if I have no other way to occupy myself. I knew he never actually thought I ever would, so I decided to do just that, make a stealth mission run up to his apartment and vaccum and dust and leave it as a surprise for him.
He came over to my place on Friday evening after work and we went out to run some errands and picked up some dinner. Then after we got back he grabbed his laundry bag and went downstairs to do his laundry. He didn't say anything about it, but I felt kind of stupid for not having noticed and taken care of it earlier in the day. I was so busy plotting out how I was going to be tricky that I overlooked something sitting right in front of me.

Chosen said...

Ah, but he did suspect that you might sometime commit a cleaning for him, he just wasn't sure when that would be.

You also neglected to mention that he used your laundry machines, your water, electricity, and detergent, so doing his own laundry really wasn't so much of a chore for him.