Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Grammar, Anyone?

Am I being a prig for being disturbed that a column written by the chairman of the state university system Board of Trustees and published in the local paper is titled "Tuition increases unfortunately but necessary"?
That just sounds wrong. You can't mix an adverb and an adjective like that. It needs to either be "Tuition increases unfortunate but necessary" or "Tuition increases unfortunately but necessarily" (which in my opinion sounds sucky.) It also seems to be missing punctuation, a comma or an em dash or something. "Tuition increases-- unfortunate but necessary." Increases could be in the singular rather than the plural. I suppose I shouldn't let that kind of thing bother me, but it's just so sloppy.


Bob said...

I so totally agreement with you're opinion!

Chosen said...

Anyone else notice that Showcase has shrunk to 16 pages? It's mid-summer, there's tons of stuff going on. They should be able to fill twice that easily. They used to. Between crappy writing in the paper as a whole and shrinking sections, they're putting themselves out of business. I hardly ever read Foster's anymore but used to read it every day. There's just not enough there now to be worth the fifty cents.

MomOf2 said...

I get irritated with the same. I am just 'wicked' nit-picky about that. Grammatical errors such as that, should not slip past newspaper editors.