Friday, July 08, 2005

Boost This

I've had a cell phone for over a year now, not because I use it all that often but because as a single parent with shared custody of my girl I want to be able to be contacted at any time. I've been paying Sprint about $37 a month for phone service and I use at most maybe 90 minutes a month, usually fewer than 50. So, I finally decided to stop obsessively checking's prepaid comparison charts and make a decision already on a prepaid cell phone with no monthly contract. I chose Boost because, despite the annoying hip urban image they are trying to sell, they appear to have good coverage in this area and the rates are decent too.
I got the phone at Walmart. The activation process was pretty easy to get through online. The website said to call customer service about porting numbers from other carriers to the new Boost phone, but once I called and lived through the painfully "down with it" menus choices and messages spoke to a cs rep who told me it wasn't possible to port numbers from another carrier. Since I'm not a big cell user anyway, that's not so much of a problem for me. But really, the phone picks up with a young woman saying "Hey! (pause) This is Boost!" and I got treated to other groovy lines like "to avoid all the drama, make sure you don't run out of call minutes" and a "just a heads up" about something else. I was so busy worrying that I wasn't young, hip or urban enough to be part of this that I stopped paying attention to the information. I don't want to join the cult, I just want a reasonably priced phone service with decent coverage. And I guess the GPS feature will be good when I need to provide my coordinates to my operatives. Oh lord, I just discovered the ringtones. Some of them make me want to throw the phone against the wall. Guess I won't be choosing any of those.

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