Monday, June 23, 2003

I knew something was up when I saw those orange tagged survey stick lot marker things up a few weeks ago. The meadows about a quarter mile up the road are facing imminent demise. I heard a rumor about it from a lady in the neighborhood last week and I asked a guy in a Dover City Community Services sedan today and he confirmed it. I was walking to school to pick up Rachel and was just at those particular meadows when the guy in the municipal car slowed down to check out how things were coming along. Right now there is just a big swath of mowed grass that cuts down almost back to the river and some excavating going on up closer to the road. The guy told me sewer lines were going in the mowed section and that there are 8 house lots and a big lot down back. Suppose it could be worse...
We won't really be able to see any of the new houses from our place and the land directly across from us is protected state fish and game land, but the traffic in front of our house will increase. I've got to walk up and take some pictures of that vista while it still exists. It's probably going to look totally different six months from now.

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