Monday, November 03, 2008

Secretary of Suck

I recently read somewhere that NH's official state voter information website was ranked last of all 50 states. I'd say that's about right. They don't even have the proper poll hours or voting locations listed for my town. I called the Secretary of State a couple of minutes ago to ask if the information on their site was correct because I had read something different on my town's website. The reply I got from the SOS was that, if indeed the voting hours and a polling location were not as stated on the SOS website, it was my town's fault for not informing the SOS of the new information. To follow up on this I just called the Dover City Clerk's office and reconfirmed the information on their website and also told the woman that the SOS website had old info and told me it was Dover's fault for not letting them know the current info. The woman told me they informed the SOS of the changes after the primary in January and that she would call them about it again.
What kind of nonsense is this when the state agency in charge of elections has a website with an election news page reporting 2004 and 2006 results and and an Elections Division page that looks like someone composed it with the wysisyg editor from Netscape Navigator. So much for the "high tech" state of New Hampshire.
I know it's late in the game to get anything done about this, but if you have an extra moment give the state Election Division folks a call at 603-271-3242 and ask them about the accuracy of the information contained on their site. Maybe they'll do something about if before the next elections roll around.

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Anonymous said...

I would be more worried that they do not prosecute VOTER FRAUD.