Monday, November 03, 2008

22 Hours Until It Starts!

I can't wait for Election Day to start and end already. I've been trying to think about what to obsess about next. It will probably be about knitting up holiday presents and whether or not Pierce Law will actually merge with UNH thus allowing me to actually consider going for a law degree without plunging myself into serious debt with student loans.
I started volunteering one evening a week with the Obama campaign back in early September. That approach worked well for me. I put in a decent number of hours and yet didn't burn out. Tomorrow afternoon I will be volunteering in my local ward polling place as a poll watcher. I think it will be a good place to be. There is no electioneering allowed inside the polling place. I will be away from the TV and the internet until at least after 7 pm, which means I won't be checking my "regular" sites every 2 minutes to see if anything new is posted.


Chosen said...

How about obsessing over something mutually beneficial? You can start by obsessively removing the mildew from the bathroom, then obsessively repainting the same. When you get done that, there's a hallway and another bathroom that need some serious obsessing over.

Pam said...

That would infringe on your current obsessions, so I wouldn't want to steal your thunder there. Besides, paint and mildew are boring.