Sunday, September 07, 2008

Put Up or Shut Up

Talking about myself here, not the usual harping about the Republican VP choice you have come to expect from this previously not-very-political blog.
Starting this week I'll be doing a once-a-week 2.5 hour stint working the phones for the Obama-Biden campaign. Figured if I was going to bitch about it all this much I might as well do something to try to make a difference. Democracy only works if people get involved.
Polls show the race in this state is pretty tight. If I want things to change I better be active in trying to make a difference.


annieB said...

Good for you! I did the same for Kerry four years ago....and I guess I should do it this time again.
Oh and I don't even vote (not a citizen yet) but I do pay taxes ;-)
Good luck! if you call us (in Portmsouth) I promise to be very nice ^^

Pam said...

Thanks, Annie!
I used to volunteer on campaigns when I was in high school and couldn't even vote, but I haven't since then.
I hate the phone, but I figure it won't be too bad. I suppose with caller id now lots of people just won't pick up. And the ones who do maybe will be nice. (I hope.)