Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello. My Name is Pam and I'm calling from the Obama-Biden Presidential Campaign

So, you know last week, after spouting off here about McCain's vice-presidential pick I decided to walk the walk and signed up to work the Obama-Biden campaign phone banks tonight.That turned out to be a really good idea.
The task this evening was to call voters who had previously identified themselves as "undecided" and invite them attend to an invitation-only event being held here in town with Senator Obama tomorrow to hear and ask questions about his plan for middle class tax relief.
I was lucky right off the bat. In spite of my shaky voice and general awkwardness (I absolutely hate making phone calls), the very first person I called was really happy to get the invitation and agreed to attend. I had several people accept the invitation. Many more wanted to go but couldn't make it mid-day on such short notice. Only a few people were mean or rude. One of the names on my list was a former student of mine. I called and he picked up, so I told him who I was and still did my spiel. It was awkward, but kind of funny. (Even funnier that he apparently emailed me shortly before I called him to ask if he could use me as a reference for a job application.)
I asked to be put on the guest list for this invitation-only event and I have no classes tomorrow. So, around noon time I will be in the McConnell Center Gym listening to Senator Obama talk to a small (probably less than 200 person) crowd about his plans for tax relief. If you haven't done it yet, go check out and see how the Senator's tax plan will probably save you more than McCain's proposed plan. (If you make over $600,000 a year, this probably doesn't apply to you. And you probably don't read this blog.)

PS: It still freaks me out that people I know in real life read this blog. I'm used to using it as a place to blow off steam and like to operate under the (most likely false) assumption that I'm sort of a quiet, private person who keeps her opinions to herself. Now why I would want to see myself that way is probably something I'd need to work out with a therapist. Which if I had one would be fine, but mine basically told me I didn't really need her anymore last year. And that's nice to have a professional opinion about my progress in coping with all the crap I went through during and after my divorce, but also kind of scary to think that all the rest of what I'm left with is really just the way I am. Wow, too long for a ps and also TMI. Go me!

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