Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Matters Matters And The Rest Does Not

I had another birthday. It was pretty good. I got to celebrate a few days early with my little tribe. It was my turn to be banished to the basement while the rest of the tribe baked me a yummy cake. (chocolate cake!!!) I got cool and useful presents: a ball winder for yarn, a new bag for my gym sneakers and a new shirt to work out in. We went out to dinner on The Official Day, as well.
The biggest surprise was hearing from half a dozen (!) former students who sent me birthday greetings through Facebook and other SNS sites and my intermediate class who wrote birthday greetings to me on the classroom white board in Japanese when I was out of the room between classes. The new number that attaches to me for the next 364 days is surprisingly not really on my mind much, but knowing that I have a great guy, a wonderful daughter, and current and former students who have taken a moment or two out of their day to touch base and wish me well really makes me happier than you'd think it might.


Kinuk said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day!

Mychawd said...

And have you used you're new ball winder?
Happy Belated Birthday!

Heidi said...

Happy Post Birthday!

Pam said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

And yes, of course I used the new ball winder already! It's the coolest thing ever!