Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Things Are Worth More Than Money

The best thing I've seen this week. (even though it's not really new.)
(I make them learn the difference between ソ and ン, among other things)
With thanks to Kinga for turning me onto it.


Kinuk said...

How on earth do you do that? I used to pronounce the word with shi and tsu and see which one made sense. I just could never remember the difference. Do you have a good mnemonic device?

Glad you enjoyed the video!

Pam said...

Well, the pronounciation trick usually works and you'll never see an n (ン) at the beginning of a word.
Mostly I try to get everyone to look at the alignment of the short strokes.
If they are vertical and align sort of to the left it's a shi シ and it they are more horizontal and align up towards the top then it's a tsu ツ.
Or you could say low eyes smile is shi シ and higher eyed smile is tsu ツ.