Wednesday, September 13, 2006

She Has Such Good Taste!

Twice in the past two weeks a student and I have showed up to class wearing variations on the exact same outfit on the same days. Last week (back when it was still warm) we both wore teal blue t-shirts, black cotton skirts and black shoes. Her skirt was longer and she wore sandals and my skirt was knee length and I wore heels, but still it was the same basic color combination and outfit. I walked into class this morning and she started cracking up before I even noticed we were both wearing navy blue cable-knit crew-neck sweaters, khaki colored pants and brown clogs. Again, the sweaters were slightly different and so were the pants and shoes, but it's funny. The term "age appropriate interpretations of a look" springs to mind. How we end up wearing it on the same day is a little bit of a mystery though.
I do this cloned dressing with my sister by coincidence all the time, but it kind of makes sense because we're related and are often told we look a lot alike. It's not a huge surprise that with our shared background and similar "look" we gravitate towards similar styles. My student is obviously younger than me. She's a little taller than me and has completely different hair. I told her next week she should email me before class and let me know what she's wearing so I can make sure I don't wear the same thing!

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