Monday, April 20, 2009

Why All This Connectedness Doesn't Suck

I'll admit this blog is one of many that has fallen by the wayside as the latest wave of social networking sites has occupied my attention. Is that good? Is it bad? I'll reserve the value judgments for now.
One thing I can tell you that is good is that I can probably attribute a totally unanticipated 30 minute phone call this morning with one of my best friends from college who lives on the other side of the world to all the new fangled sns sites. He got me to join Twitter last month, which gives me a window onto his day to day doings. We were both logged into Gmail chat this morning and started chatting, which led to him asking if he could call so we could talk, which is a hell of a lot more efficient and fun than chatting online anyway. With really good friends the catching up part really never matters that much anyway, but at least the new networking options help us stay caught up.

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