Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work Stress + Sore Neck=Poetry?

It's easy to admire the girl from afar
seeming so deep with her angst and guitar
Her anguish illuminates your eyes
You hope your support will advise
the continuity of her art
Although another way to read her is
self absorbed and shallow heart
if it makes you feel attached to her dim orb
you put your attentions in the abstract
and not where you are


It's easier to love the idea of someone
than to actually love someone.
It's easy to admire their differences
when you don't have to live with them.
The grass is always greener
when you don't have to mow it.
The bird in the bush is prettier
than the one on the carving board.
But the one on the carving board feeds you.


mama said...

i like 'em! :)

Pam said...


Anonymous. said...

The second one is incredible