Tuesday, July 01, 2008



Note: I was going to try to do a show/hide or expandable summary of this post but figuring out CSS and all that is more of a pain than writing in a foreign language. Maybe I'll just post the translation in English in white text that you can select to read.

Nothing particularly special happened today, but since it's Language Week I figure I should post in a language other than English.
Speaking of "week", we got a Wii this week. It's pretty fun. We only have Wii Sports right now, but it's also fun to make Miis or see othe people's Miis. I really want a Wii Fit, but they're hard to get a hold of.
Sorry for writing such a lame blog post. But I bet out of the people who come to this blog regularly only 2 or 3 even read Japanese.

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