Monday, January 07, 2008

Primary Eve

Since this is basically my next-to-last day to play political pundit, I thought I'd report that I saw Hillary's bus today.
Actually, I was just trying to get to the city rec center to go work out and found I couldn't get into the regular parking lot and the whole block was crawling with cops, supporters, reporters and tv crews. It was actually really easy to find a parking space across the street from the McConnell Center but I wasn't allowed to go into the building via the regular door. I had to tromp around to the other side of the building and go up, in, and through the Adult Learning Center section and then back down stairs to the rec center. Once I was in there it was fine and I did my time on the treadmill watching intermittent streams of people walk by.
I finished my workout just in time to see Hillary's bus drive by, followed by all kinds of vehicles with tinted glass, flashing cop lights and Maryland plates. A young man was walking down the street shouting ecstatically "I saw her! I actually got to see her!" A young female cop walking in front of him agreed nicely that that was indeed excellent for him.
I kind of felt like a dork for not even knowing that she was going to be in town this afternoon, but that's how it happens around here. The canvassers are everywhere. I have taken to telling them I am registered with whatever party their candidate is not. That way they don't have much to say to me.
I'll be voting first thing tomorrow morning, after I drop the girl off at her school and before I go to mine. And I don't care if anyone sees it as "wasting" a vote. I like Richardson and I'm voting for him.

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