Monday, October 01, 2007

Like He Needs a Hole in the Head

The hole in my dog's head is healing, but it's still pretty deep and generally gross as a concept.
Last weekend he showed up with a big bump behind his eye. Over the weekend it got smaller then bigger and squishier. I called the vet on Monday and got an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday the dog decided the rub his squishy head bump around on the carpet and popped it. It leaked and then stopped. On Wednesday morning the bump was gone and there was an icky messy hole instead.
At the vet's the doctor clipped his fur out of the way and cleaned things up. The hole was about the size of a dime and looked pretty deep. I got medicine to put on the wound twice a day. Five days later, this is what the hole looks like. It's definitely gotten smaller and less icky, but it's still a pretty big hole.


Nevin said...

But what caused the hole? Was it a zit? Was it a parasitic fly larvae? What what what?

Pam said...

I don't know!
I asked the vet, but all she could say was that after it popped everything cleared out. It was probably some kind of cyst . It's getting smaller but it was deep, like a tire tread.