Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pigs Are Flying as I Type

Oh. My. God. Either the gaijin thing doesn't have the appeal it used to or the foreign guys in Japan are just a lamer breed than they used to be, but apparently there is a group of guys making money off of teaching other foreign guys how to pick up Japanese girls in Japan. These guys charge almost $800 for a two-day Bootcamp, $600 for a 5-hour workshop, and $1,000 for a 5-hour Sexual Mastery Seminar; they appear to have happy, paying customers, if their testimonials are to believed.
Back in the day (late 80s and early 90s) I used to hear my guy buddies telling all kinds of tales of girl hunting in Japan that involved minimum to no effort on their part. (And most of these were guys I knew from before Japan and they were by no means "players" before hitting the Land of Wa.) I wonder what the deal is. Has the gaijin aura lost its shimmer or has moving to Japan just become such a mundane choice of post-collegiate experience that when separated from their helicopter parents these guys need to hire someone to teach them how to get laid?
According to this, these guys must be much, much lamer than the generation that might be their older uncles or even their grandfathers!

Info on The Osaka Crew taken from a post on the once-promising-lately-not-so-much Stippy.


Kinuk said...

I. don't. believe. it.

Hell has frozen over and pigs have indeed flown.

I remember gaijin blokes just needing a pulse to pull.

That website is something else, though, and I found the descriptions of the guys running the "courses" rather creepy.

Nevin said...

Heh. I always thought Western women were just jealous.

Pam said...

No. Not jealous. Amused, but not jealous.

It's not like my guy friends in Japan were getting hit on by the most glamorous women out there, but they were cute and young and that was good enough.

**shocking confession ahead--

I figured out with a social experiment I decided to play out at a party in high school that it's really not that hard to target a young guy and get his attention if you are a young woman and good at flirting. My experiment involved the targeting of the cute host of the party and then prolonged eye contact and fairly mundane and not particularly provocative conversation; with the end result being him inviting me to make out behind the garage, at least until my ride decided to come get me and take me home. After seeing how easy that was, I never thought picking up a guy for the sake of proving I could do it was really all that interesting.

disclaimer: I am not and have never been supermodel gorgeous and so it's not like I've had guys falling at my feet. Still, for a girl, average-cute seems to be sufficient to "pick up" a guy. The thrill of the chase just isn't the same and I think that's really what guys looking for a pick up are in it for. chase-catch-release.