Friday, April 27, 2007

Animal Lessons

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A cat is a lesson I'm still learning. We got our kitty from the local humane society shelter about a month ago. She's my first cat. Dogs are simple to understand. Cats, not so much.
The things I learn from the dog are simple, kind of obvious and mostly "other-centered". The dog teaches me about enthusiasm, loyalty, persistence, forgiveness and devotion. The cat is ... different.
The cat is all about the cat. She is a contrarian and will never do what you want or ask her to do if you approach is straighforwardly. Reverse psychology seems to work pretty well, though. She runs away and hides when she doesn't like what's going on. She spends a lot of time curled up sleeping on the cushiest surfaces she can find and seems always ready to join in on a nap. She growls at the dog and looks upon us all with utter disdain when required to be in his presence. She never looks hang-dog when she knocks something over. She just flees the scene or ignores it. She has no compunction about walking all over me in the middle of the night. There's almost something regal in her absence of eagerness to please.
Wonderful boyfriend says there is plenty to be learned from watching a cat. I suppose that's true, but I also think the the cat attitude is a lot more charming on a cat than on a person.

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Chosen said...

Dogs are dependent, cats are independent. Cats always find the best places to nap and snuggle up, something we can all learn from.

Cats are all about dignity. If they knock over a pile of laundry, they walk away with their nose in the air as if they meant to do that. Even when they know someone saw them do something stupid, they'll pick themselves up and walk away with their head up. A dog will slink away with its tail between its leg in shame. Yes, we all have a lot we can learn from cats.