Sunday, May 21, 2006


Geez, you'd think I could update every once in a while, huh? The rain has stopped, for now. The forecast says thunderstorms will be moving through this afternoon.
Classes are done for this academic year. They ended with a limp thud as one student who tried to convince me he should get extra credit for showing me a paper he wrote for another class took two hours to complete the last final I gave in order to get a failing grade on it. Um, sorry dude. No, the paper doesn't count and be happy you managed to pass the class even when you bombed the final.
Despite being done with teaching for the time being, I'm still employed as bookkeeper/admin drone for my uncle and dad. My uncle will be going in for open heart surgery soon and will be away from the business for a couple of months while he recuperates, so that means another couple of months of me taking over for him while he's out. I've been working for him for over a year now. Suppose that's something I could put on a resume if I ever wanted to fold and get a real, "regular" job. I'm still working on sending out cover letters and resumes to more translation agencies because the more clients I can find to send me work, the less "free time" I'll have for the bookkeeping stuff.
Two and a half weeks until my court date! I'm trying to stay calm and not imagine that anything will get finalized for another month or two after the court date because it's all been so slow up to now. It's absolutely insane that it's taking over two years to get divorced.

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