Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sears Haters Unite!

It's so wrong, and yet so very right, that "I hate Sears" is the most popular search term bringing people to this blog. I did finally resolve my dispute with Sears, but it took a lot of time and effort to do it. With the exception of a really good deal on a garden hose, I have not bought anything from them since the incident. I still hate them. Just thought anyone else out there currently battling them might want to know that.

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zulander said...

I have regularly used sears automotive based on other services which are not available in my area. I live on Bainbrisge Island, Washington. I have had them replace tires and the left rear wheel fell off. I have had them tell me that the front end of my vehicle needed to have the ball joints replaced and they could not do an alignment. Two weeks later, I went in for ball joints and they said there was nothing wrong with the ball joints, they did a front end alignment, and I had to replace two tires because of the wear caused by not being able to get an alignment. The latest episode happened October 14th. I brought my son's car in for an oil change. The mechanic put the car in first gear and ripped the front bumper off. The car is still not fixed because they have an insurance company Sedgwick which asked for an estimate. My son provided an estimate for 1996.00 dollars. They said because it was over a 1000.00 dollars they would have their claims people take a look at it. They cam back yesterday, 28 December with a quote for 443.00 dollars. I contacted my insurance to have them take care of it. I asked sears to provde me a copy of the accident report and the pictures they took. They refused without a court order. If there is a lawyer out there that want s to kill this group, let me know. I am paying my card off after 30 years of doing business with them and attempting to get them not authorized for military use in the area if that is possible.
VR VERY upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!