Thursday, December 26, 2002

How happy am I that this is the last day I really have to teach at this place? Very happy indeed.
I still have to come back for a couple of weeks of classes in January but just to give quizzes and finish things up. The way they scheduled the whole semester is a joke. We used to have 13 week semesters, but the school decided the students were not getting their money's worth, so the semester was extended to 15 weeks. Seems staright forward enough, but the department I teach in had just completed developing a 13 week curriculum and, as a means of protest, has refused to change it to fit the new semester length. So, we teach 13 weeks of material, give a test the 14th week and then are supposed to use the 15th week as a day for "workshops" where we are allowed to actually teach what we want to teach for one whole class period. Wow.
Now the beauty of this is how the scedule works for the fall semester. Classes started in October. We teach the 13th week right up to the end of December. Have a week off for New Year. They come back and take the tests and then the "workshop". Basically the last month of it is a write off because by the time Christmas rolls around everyone's dying to get out of there already and then they've lost momentum by the time they come back and take the tests.
Like I said, glad it's the last time I have to deal with it.

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